" The Art of Sensual Dinnerware

Not your Granny's Tableware"

Nina Jerak is originally from Klagenfurt and currently resides in Vienna.  Her interest in art was formed in Carinthia/Kärnten and, subsequently, inspired by the magnificence and grandeur which is found throughout Vienna.

She studied  at the University of Applied Arts and furthered her artistic pursuits at various schools where she focused on nude painting.

Nina's interest is in illustrating the balance, shape and beauty of  the ‘human form’. She is an adept at using various media such as canvas, wood and ceramic as platforms for her  expression.

Nina has exhibited her work in numerous locations both in Vienna and throughout Austria.  Her art has been widely acclaimed by private collectors in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and the Gulf states.

Her current collection, which is the focus of this website, sees her use of the ceramic medium as a backdrop for this human expressionism, with a unique focus on designing one of a kind flatware. This will be the centerpiece of any dining experience. 

Discerning collectors seeking to extend the artistic experience to the dining table have already commissioned Nina to design several flatware collections and are overjoyed with the ‘sensual dining’ experience afforded by such unique, yet practical, artwork.


I invite you to enjoy the collection!